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Canopy Kits Tarps Fittings

Over 125 Do-It-Yourself
Canopy Kits starting at $68.
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Our kits include high quality steel joint fittings, heavy duty tarps and ball ties. Foot pads are optional.
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  • Heavy Duty tarps
  • Valance tarps
  • Gable End tarps
  • Canvas tarps
  • Mesh tarps
  • Large selection of tarp sizes and styles to choose from including heavy duty poly tarps, canvas ,mesh and fire retardant tarps. Fully enclose canopies with gable end tarps and side tarps.
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    Large selection of welded steel Canopy and Tent fittings. Create your own custom designed shelter to fit your needs.
  • Flat Roof (0 & 90 degree)
  • Low Gable Peak
  • Medium Gable Peak
  • High Gable Peak
  • Gambrel
  • Party Tent Fittings
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